Chevron Lubricants

Bruce Fuels is a proud supplier of Chevron lubricants. Protect your vehicle fleet and your bottom line, by purchasing all your lubrication needs from Bruce Fuels. For more information on our line of quality lubrication products please contact us.

Our more popular products include:

Delo 400
Delo 400 Multigrade
Delo 400 ESi
Delo Gear Lubricants ESi
RPM Gear Oils
RPM Synthetic Gear Lubricant
RPM Universal Gear Lubricants
Synthetic Gear Lubricants Tegra
Delo Trans Fluid ESi
RPM Synthetic Transmission Fluid SAE 50
Delo Greases EP
Dura-Lith Greases EP
RPM Heavy Duty LC Grease EP
Ultra Duty Greases EP

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