Bruce Fuels has seen a lot of changes in the environmental services industry since 1927, not to mention the name of the industry itself! With each change we have managed our operations in such a way that these changes become enhancements to our business, and therefore to you, our customer.

From humble beginnings as a coal merchant, to our current position as a leading heating, air conditioning and lubricants specialist, Bruce has met each challenge head on. We use state of the art computer systems to keep ahead of oil and lubricant price fluctuations. We buy when the time is right, and pass the savings on to you.

Above and beyond the obvious, Bruce Fuels can not only supply your home or business with heating oil, but we can also sell and service both heating and air conditioning equipment. Our partnership with Chevron allows us to supply only the best quality lubricants that you both expect and need for your heavy equipment and transportation fleet.

Barometric Pressure

Rising or falling barometric pressure generally indicates that either an area of high or low pressure is approaching. Because high pressure areas are generally associated with fair weather, and low pressure with clouds and precipitation, you can expect those types of weather conditions depending on what the barometer is indicating.

If you have a barometer notice that it will say fair, changing or stormy in the appropriate areas to make reading the instrument easier.