Now in it's third generation in Ottawa, Bruce Fuels is managed by Reid McDonald, Grandson of founder Reg Bruce. Having been involved in the fuel industry for most of his adult life has prepared Reid for his tenure at the helm.

Reid has learned the ropes from both the family business, and from a stint at Kemp Fuels where he learned how the other guys do it. Ultimately the desire to run the show properly brought Reid back to Bruce Fuels where he has managed various parts of the operation since 1990. He has been the general manager since 1993.

Barometric Pressure

Rising or falling barometric pressure generally indicates that either an area of high or low pressure is approaching. Because high pressure areas are generally associated with fair weather, and low pressure with clouds and precipitation, you can expect those types of weather conditions depending on what the barometer is indicating.

If you have a barometer notice that it will say fair, changing or stormy in the appropriate areas to make reading the instrument easier.