At Bruce Fuels we have taken it upon ourselves to support our community at the grass roots level. We choose to try and help those in the community who may fall through the cracks of the larger organizations in terms of funding. We also try to support both recreational and institutional groups through financial and product support. The motorcycle pictured here is driven by ambition, and Powered by Bruce Fuels.

Some of the groups and teams we support are:

The West End Softball League
Motorsports Enthusiasts
ORSA Soccer League
Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services
Osgoode Township Historical Society.

Barometric Pressure

Rising or falling barometric pressure generally indicates that either an area of high or low pressure is approaching. Because high pressure areas are generally associated with fair weather, and low pressure with clouds and precipitation, you can expect those types of weather conditions depending on what the barometer is indicating.

If you have a barometer notice that it will say fair, changing or stormy in the appropriate areas to make reading the instrument easier.