What are Degree Days?

Degree days are the units of temperature used in the heating industry to gauge when a customer needs to be supplied with oil. Bruce Fuels is able to calculate when you need topping up by calculating degree days and comparing the results with our delivery database.

To calculate degree days, we take the average daily temperature and subtract it from 18ºC. Eighteen ºC is the temperature at which most heating systems will activate to keep your home comfortable during the heating season.

So when you see the Bruce Fuels truck in front of your house remember it's not by chance, but because we keep track of degree days, and how they affect your comfort.
Sun Safety

Please remember to cover up, wear sun screen and a hat this summer. Protect you and your children from skin disease and serious eye injury?

While some exposure to sunlight is necessary, too much can be dangerous, causing immediate effects like blistering sunburns and longer-term problems like skin cancer and cataracts. Overexposure also causes wrinkling and aging of the skin, and scientists are concerned that UV may even impair the human immune system.