Oil Conversions from Gas

for your best safety, value and comfort.
As heating systems get older, the chance of malfunctions increase. If you can smell gas, you need to evacuate immediately. But safe, dependable oil heat will keep your family warm and comfortable without worry.
Over the years, oil heated systems have regularly out performed other fuel in terms of efficiency.
If you already are an oil customer, you can make home heating even more economical by upgrading to a modern, high efficiency oil unit.
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Does conversion from gas to oil make sense?
YES! Time and time again, studies show Oilheat has the clean advantage over other energy resources for safety, efficiency, value and service. We have described the safety and efficiency of oil heat and you know that no other energy resource delivers the unparalleled benefits of oil heat. Simply put, the value of oil heat is unsurpassed. Now let's think about how you measure the value of oil heat. Certainly cost and savings are connected. In fact, oil heat's efficiency provides reduced costs and increased savings without sacrificing your family's comfort. No other energy resource can make that claim. Upgrading to a new, super-efficient Oilheat system can save you money. Here's why:
  1. The average Oilheat system in use today is more than 10 percent more efficient than the average natural gas system! That's why an equipment upgrade usually pays for itself in just a short period of time.
  2. If you use natural gas for heating you also must use a separate hot water maker to provide for your hot water needs for bathing and showers, dishwashing, and laundry. With oil, you can save money by doing it all with just one piece of equipment - heating and hot water! Just think of the money you'll save by not maintaining and replacing hot water heaters every few years!
  3. With natural gas, you pay extra when you use less. Most people are not aware of it, but there are minimum fees connected with using natural gas. In the summer, when you use less, your cost-per-gallon equivalent with natural gas (when compared with oil) may be several times higher! With Oilheat you pay only for what you receive. There's never a minimum fee.
For all that, remember service: what oil heat brings to the table that its competition doesn't. If you're a gas heat or electric heat customer in need of service, chances are you're going to wait, and wait, and wait until the utility can fit you in. The utility doesn't claim to be responsive- it can't. The utility is too large.

Sun Safety

Please remember to cover up, wear sun screen and a hat this summer. Protect you and your children from skin disease and serious eye injury?

While some exposure to sunlight is necessary, too much can be dangerous, causing immediate effects like blistering sunburns and longer-term problems like skin cancer and cataracts. Overexposure also causes wrinkling and aging of the skin, and scientists are concerned that UV may even impair the human immune system.