Today's Bruce Fuels runs on the same beliefs on which it was founded 75 years ago. We strive to provide the very best in both products and services. Likewise, we are still a community oriented company, sponsoring various activities throughout the region.

The year 2002 represents our 75th anniversary as a member of the Ottawa community. While an orange and green cake may not sound too appetizing, we would still like to thank all our customers both past and present. Current clients can expect the best in products and services delivered 24/7 by one of our trained technicians. Of course our state of the art fleet of trucks is there to back them up 100% of the way.

Our commitment to your satisfaction can also be seen in our software systems and data collection methods. We take pride in staying on top of trends in the oil market. With the massive fluctuations in price that have been witnessed over the last year or so, it is most important to be on top our game. To this end we invest in the best tools so that any savings can be passed along to you.

Barometric Pressure

Rising or falling barometric pressure generally indicates that either an area of high or low pressure is approaching. Because high pressure areas are generally associated with fair weather, and low pressure with clouds and precipitation, you can expect those types of weather conditions depending on what the barometer is indicating.

If you have a barometer notice that it will say fair, changing or stormy in the appropriate areas to make reading the instrument easier.