Emergency Service

One of the most common service calls that we field is that a furnace is not working. Remember that if your furnace has been maintained that the chances of it not working are slim. There are often reasons other than malfunction that may attribute to your furnace not doing its job. This quick check list is meant to potentially save you a service call:

If Your Oil Furnace Won't Start
  1. Make sure your thermostat is set above room temperature, by a few degrees. If the thermostat has heat and cool settings, make sure the thermostat is set for heat.
  2. Make sure the furnace switch and breaker is in the "on" position.(The furnace switch is usually located on the wall at the stairs going down to the basement or at the door entering furnace room. The furnace breaker is located at the main panel of your home: the furnace fuse may need to be replaced or the circuit breaker may need to be reset.)
  3. Check oil supply and make sure valve is open.
  4. Check the furnace breaker or fuses in the electrical panel.
  5. Press the Red reset button, "Press once only"
If none of these choices get your furnace up and running then please call Bruce Fuels at (613) 225-6500.

Temperature Conversion
Fahrenheit Centigrade
-40 -40